Bhashit Pandya is an Information Security Professional with 6+ years of experience with specialization in Penetration Testing, Red Teaming – Physical engagements, and Security Training.

He has done 400+ security assessments and provided training to more than 200 developers across the globe which includes Web and Mobile OWASP Top – 10, Server configuration review, and Network penetration testing.

Several colleges and government organizations invite him to talk about Information Security and OpenSource Intelligence.

Bhashit is fueled by his passion for web and network security. Alongside, he is more and more interested in exploring Social Engineering. He considers himself a ‘forever student’, eager to build his proficiency in security assessments and stay updated about the latest vulnerabilities and exploits.

He has contributed to several open source security communities like null, owasp, and hcon. He has also helped establish null chapter in Ahmedabad.

Bhashit’s hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has contributed to his most recent success with HackerRank where he contributed his knowledge to support their platform. Meanwhile, he has helped a Hongkong based healthcare start-up by successfully delivering their security assessment to achieve HIPPA Compliance.


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